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Michigan Traffic Reporter Draws a Penis

A local Michigan ABC Traffic reporter accidentally draws a penis while on live TV.

Super Bowl Reporter Punks Drunk by asking if she has STDs

During the run up to this year's super bowl, plenty of reporters have swarmed bourbon street in New Orleans in order to fill their newscast. This Channel 6 reporter had a drunk lady interrupt her report live broadcast, but rather than push her away the newslady thanked the drunk 49ers fan for wanting to be a part of their story concerning STDs. This shut the drinker up and had her run away.

Darth Vader Visits Disneyland

Following Disney's purchase of Star Wars from George Lucas, Darth Vader and some storm troopers headed to California to have some fun at Disneyland.

Top News Bloopers of 2012

Here are some of the top news bloopers of 2012 and beyond... A lot of anchors just have trouble reading. Freud would have a field day with half of these guys.

News Anchors in Maine Quit on Live TV

A TV news anchor team in Bangor, Maine, who quit their jobs in front of all the live viewers at the end of Tuesday evening's newscast. In what was inspired by a conflict with their management, co-anchors Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio announced to viewers that it would be their last show, the Bangor Daily News reported. "Some recent developments have come to our attention ... and departing together is the best alternative we can take," Consiglio said. "We wanted to be able to say a thoughtful, heartfelt good-bye to our viewers and to the many communities we served over the years," Michaels told NBC News in an email Wednesday. "We scripted something to keep from getting off-course and emotional." Michaels, 46, and Consiglio, 28, didn't tell anyone of their decision before the newscast, according to the Bangor Daily News. The newspaper reported the journalists were frustrated over the last four years with the way they were told to do their jobs. In her signoff, Michaels claimed the two were "the longest running news team in Bangor," with six years at the desk.

Hillary Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama's Speech in Myanmar

Hillary Clinton falls asleep during President Obama's speech in Myanmar (Burma)... Granted she probably is in a permanent state of jet lag given her crazy travel schedule.